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Dean Bryant Alexander CFA    


It is my pleasure to introduce The Team in the Dean’s office. It is a team of capable professionals who assist faculty, students, alumni, donors, visitors, friends of the college, and all university constituencies.  Their position descriptions (see below) belie the magnitude of knowledge, skill, and experience that they bring to their respective areas –  and are offered as a valued starting point for your interest and to direct and assist you with immediate needs.

Bryant Keith Alexander, Ph.D.



  Judith M. Scalin, Associate Dean supervises college and university initiatives; assists with professional development of faculty; schedules classes; works with faculty; serves as advisor to students and CFA faculty engaged in the advising process; interprets academic policies and requirements, and decides on general petitions and curriculum exceptions (CAPP adjustments); monitors students’ academic progress and guides students who may be subject to academic disqualifications; approves study abroad plans and transfer work; partners with other colleges and student support services across the university to enhance CFA students’ educational experience; and assists with issues related to student challenges.


Paul Humphreys CFA


Paul Humphreys, Associate Dean works with graduate programs, faculty searches, fellowships and grants, assists in enrollment management and new student programs and activities, student services, community-based and service programs involving faculty and students, and amongst other things serves as the college liaison with Career Development Services.



Dr. Elaine Patricia Walker, Assistant Dean assists students in developing graduation plans and helps clarify educational and life goals; advises students on majors, minors, certificate programs, and applied studies; guides students who are struggling academically and assists those on academic probation; facilitates senior graduation checks and investigations regarding transcripts and course credits; helps students to prepare for undergraduate research, study abroad, and special programs; assists faculty with Academic Policy issues, Academic Advising, and CAPP reports; and represents the Dean and the interests of the College at meetings, events, and through research activities.


  Gerohy M. O'Connell, Administrative Specialist works in tandem with the Dean and other college leadership to manage broad based operations in the college; manages the records of full-time faculty, facilitates the resource management plan for equipment needs; supervises office moves; prepares tenure-track faculty for promotion to rank and/or advancement to tenure; instructs tenure-track faculty on grant submissions, CFA internal grants, CFA fellowships, summer research grants, and Rains research grants; is responsible for records maintenance and recording of student evaluations of all faculty; placing ads and hiring work-study students.


  Judith C. Delavigne, Academic Affairs Associate works in tandem with the Dean and other college leadership to manage, promote and enhance the image of the college through conceptualization, organization, implementation and evaluation of events and special projects; maintains the Dean’s calendar; coordinates meetings, retreats, special events and activities associated with the Dean’s and Associate Dean’s offices; serves as liaison between the Office of the Dean, department chairs and program directors, faculty, donors and students; assists with publication and other writing projects; and represents the College on committees, public events, and professional organizations as delegated.  


  Blanca J. Pauliukevicius, Budget Manager clarifies and assists in the implementation of university and college policies and procedures; provides support to faculty in managing assigned budgets, scholarships, and grants; assists in drafting Capital, Operating, Personnel and Technology Budget requests according to College and University strategic plans; and works with faculty in supporting the University’s internal control implementation.


  Charisse D. Smith, Budget Analyst provides guidance and support about: University policies and CFA internal policies and guidelines, the management of work study funds, procedures for submitting travel requests, travel advances, travel reimbursements, p-cards and personal expense reimbursements.


  Rachel Van Houten, Senior Administrative Coordinator clarifies registration procedures and university policy questions in person, via email, and on the telephone during weekday office hours; schedules appointments with the Associate Dean and Senior Coordinator of Academic Services if more detailed information is necessary; investigates class roster issues (students attending but not registered or registered but not attending); and provides quick PROWL help.




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