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Alumni Highlights

  • Lindsay Hurtt shares her "heART" through Global ARTery

Please visit her website for more information


  • Chris Sullivan '02 - Tackles Role as Football Player on Broadway

For the full story, please click here.


  • Devin Kasper '11 builds on his success as a design and technical director for theatre productions

Please visit Theatre Arts Alumni website at: http://cfa.lmu.edu/programs/theatre arts/alumni/


  • Andy Bialk

Emmy Award Winning Character Designer - http://andybialk.blogspot.com

  • Matt Cullen

Founder and Director of Motion Theory, received GRAMMY for BlackEyedPeas and Wezer Videos, Europe VMA Award for Katy Perry's California Girls Video  - www.motiontheory.com

  • Alex Poli

World recognized Graffiti Artist and director of Crewest Gallery - manone.com

  • Tracy Robinson

Illustrator & Design Professional - www.duskyward.com

  • Alexandra Pelosi

Documentary Film Maker, Travels with George, Friends of God, Right America Feeling Wronged - http://www.alexandrapelosi.com/

  • Robert Shaw

Designer - www.disposabledesign.com

  • Patrick Scruggs

Motion Graphics Designer/Director - www.patrickscruggsjr.com
Creative Director/Owner. Vogner Creative Design Studio

  • Kate Micucci

Actor, Performance Artist & Musician - http://www.katemicucci.com

  • Broen Hollins Westberg

Web Designer - www.howblue.com

  • Merry Scully

Curator of the Governor's Gallery, New Mexico Art Museum - http://www.nmartmuseum.org

  • Daren Wakasa

Art Director at Mirada - www.darynwakasa.com

  • Audria Brumberg

Design Professional - http://www.unityandform.com

  • Matt Marshal

Interactive Designer - www.marshallcreative.com

  • Teodoro Vecchione

Artist - www.teodorovecchione.com

  • Dustin Badarama

Interactive Designer - www.bluffstudio.com

  • Lindsey Breeden

Creative Director - www.reinmedia.com

  • Thomas Inesi

Artist - www.thomasinesi.com

  • Annie O’Sullivan

Visual Graphic Designer - www.annieosullivan.com

  • Irene Park

Designer/2d animator - www.ikpdesign.com

  • Anthony Malzone

Hybrid Artist - www.darkhavenstudios.com

  • Nicole Eva Emery‚Ä®

Musician - http://nicoleevaemery.com