CFA Faculty Fellowships

Continuing tenured and tenure-track faculty, who have completed their third year at LMU, are eligible for the 2017-2018 Continuing CFA Faculty Fellowship. CFA Faculty Fellowships are given in support of original scholarship (e.g., research, writing, creative work). Preference will be given to projects that will prepare the faculty member to pursue ongoing or more complex scholarship and/or to fund work that is a good candidate for future external grant support.

There are two variations of CFA Faculty Fellowship: Open Funding and Strategic Plan-Based Funding. These two variations on a single grant will rotate every other year. For 2017-2018 faculty will apply for Strategic Plan-Based Funding.  Strategic Plan-Based Funding prioritizes those fellowships that address issues central to the CFA Strategic Plan 2013-18. Read more about the  CFA Strategic Plan 2013-2018. Should an applicant have an emergent research/creative work project that requires funding during this Strategic Plan-Based 2017-2018 funding cycle, the applicant should refer to 4b page 6: exigency

Applications for Open Funding will be available for 2018-2019. Open Funding considers all original scholarship on equal footing.

Please Note: The CFA Continuing Faculty Fellowships (under either variation) must culminate in a project suitable for professional distribution (e.g., scholarly and creative work that is published or made public through print, distribution, and/or presentation in a public forum) with evidence of accomplishment included in the required Continuing CFA Fellowship Outcome Report.

Please follow the fellowship application procedures in this document paying careful attention to key dates. The application must be signed by the Chair before the applicant submits it to the Dean. Submission of applications to the Dean will be accepted up to the deadline date, January 25, 2017. Should you not be able to download or print out the application from the website, please contact Pam Willis at for assistance. Applications that are incomplete, late, or do not conform to the printed guidelines and instructions will not be considered.

Applicants who are awarded a CFA Grant or Fellowship 2017-2018 must complete an Outcome Report and participate in Talks about Teaching and Scholarship during either spring 2018 or 2019 depending on the timing of the chosen grant or fellowship option.


Procedural & Content-Based Questions

Judith Scalin, Associate Dean

Content-Based Questions

Professor Katharine Noon, Department of Theatre Arts and Dance
(2016-2017 Grant and Fellowship information resource faculty member)

Application Path

Applicant → Chair → Applicant → Dean → CFA Faculty Affairs Committee → Dean

Proposals must include the following items, listed on the next page, to be considered complete.

The notion of "continuing" in this construct is a reference to the eligibility of tenure-track faculty beyond the first three years of probationary status.

Please Download

2017-2018 CFA Continuing Fellowship-Strategic Plan-Based Funding