Travel Documents

The following information below is intended to provide general guidelines regarding our College's process for managing faculty travel requests.

Preliminary Steps

Download the Request To Travel Form. After this form is completed, the department Chair will need to sign the form.

Subsequently, the form should be delivered to the CFA budget office (St. Roberts Hall, Suite #107). If the travel request is approved then the faculty member may expect to receive an email notification. Conversely, if the travel request is denied or withheld until further notice then the faculty member may expect to receive an email notification.

Next Essential Steps

Second, the faculty member should save a copy of the approved Faculty Travel Request form in an accessible folder. The faculty member complete a CONCUR Request Form. Use the CONCUR Request Quick User Guide for more information on how to do this.

The faculty member should enter the specific details related to the travel request on this form. Additionally, if a travel advance is requested, enter that amount on the CONCUR Request Form. Finally, the previously approved Request To Travel Form should be uploaded as an attachment to the CONCUR Request Form. After that form is attached, then the CONCUR Request Form is submitted through CONCUR for the Dean's review and finalized approval.

Closing Steps

Third, it is essential for the faculty member to provide an expense report in CONCUR (within 10 days of returning from the trip). The expense receipts must be attached to the expense report. These are the steps for assigning the travel expense report to the designated account:

  • Open the Expense Report
  • Select the menu option for "Details"
  • Select "Report Header"
  • In the text box for "Organization/Division" enter "24110"
  • In the text box for "Project" enter "00000"

View the CONCUR Expense Quick User Guide for more information.

It is preferable for travel expense reports to be submitted prior to the end of the month. The approved CONCUR Request Form can be linked to the Travel Expense Report by following these steps:

  • Open the expense report.
  • Select the "Details" menu option.
  • Select "Report Header."
  • Select the "Add" menu option.
  • Select the "Request" related to the expense report.

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