The Laband Art Gallery is open Wednesday - Sunday, 12pm - 4pm. Admission is free!

Visitors from off campus are encouraged to visit the gallery on Saturdays and Sundays. The visitor parking lot (Hannon Lot/A), just south of the Burns Fine Arts Center, is often heavily congested during the week.

For more information, please call (310) 338-2880.

Locating The Laband

Once on Campus

Coming from the main gate (at Lincoln and LMU Drive): Follow LMU Drive. Take a right turn at the fourth stop sign (immediately facing the College of Film and Television). A right turn at the next stop sign will send you towards the back gate of campus (at Loyola Blvd. and 80th st.). Take a right turn immediately before the gate into Hannon Parking Lot.

Walking directions from Hannon Parking Lot: The Laband Art Gallery entrance is located in the courtyard of the Burns Fine Art Center which is the first complex on the left, along Alumni Mall, heading towards the Chapel. It is cater-cornered from Gerston Pavillion and the Burns Rec Center.