Art History

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Art history provides a language for understanding the power of visual and material culture. LMU's Art History program uses an interdisciplinary approach to teach students how to analyze the visual arts and develop the critical thinking skills needed to understand the visual culture and art of past and present societies. Students study both the meaning and purpose of the visual arts, their development through history, their role in society, and their relationship with other expressions of a culture. Through these studies, our students gain a keen perception and understanding of art and its visual and symbolic language.

One of the most significant advantages that LMU's Art History program provides is a wide offering of courses, including arts of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, the Middle Ages, the Italian Renaissance, the Northern Renaissance, the Baroque, Nineteenth-Century Europe and the Americas, Modernism, the Contemporary World, and Los Angeles, as well as the arts of India, China, Zen, and Islam. The program is enriched by the University's location in one of the world's most diverse and vital centers of art activity. The wealth of museums, galleries, religious and other cultural institutions in Southern California provides multiple occasions for a direct experience of art, both at its traditional best and at its experimental frontier.