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Communication Studies

James C. Bunker


Dr. James C. Bunker is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies. He earned his B.A at the University of San Diego, his M.A. at San Jose State University, and completed his doctorate degree at the University of Utah while simultaneously obtaining a Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution.

Dr. Bunker currently teaches courses in rhetorical theory, rhetorical methods, political communication, communication theory, mediation, and civic engagement. He also has experience teaching business communication, interviewing, and small group decision-making.  He is also a trained writing instructor having taught courses at the introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Dr. Bunker’s research explores the relationship between rhetoric, public advocacy, deliberative theories of civic engagement and how to facilitate democratic deliberation for the benefit of the public interest.  Dr. Bunker is concurrently working on several manuscripts that discuss the role of textual silences in political deliberation, the critic’s role in facilitating public deliberation, as well as how new media archival research can both contextualize and improve the credibility of civic discourse.  Central to both his research and teaching is an underlying commitment to civic engagement and the importance of establishing civic responsibility.

Dr. Bunker published an article after having received an LMU Scholastic Teaching Grant:  “Encouraging, Implementing, and Assessing Higher Education Student Civic Engagement and Service Learning in the University Classroom”

Bunker, James C. (2015). “Deliberative Expediency and Public Scholarship:  Addressing the Problem of Timeliness in Political Deliberation,” Relevant Rhetoric, Vol. 6. 

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