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The art of dance combines exacting realism and unbridled imagination.

The Dance program at LMU is committed to the application of rigorous and excellent physical training; ongoing authentic personal reflection; and thoughtful, critical analysis of aesthetic, scientific, historic, cultural, and pedagogical issues as they relate to dance and movement studies. The Dance program is, likewise, committed to the power found in celebration, imagination, joy, and practiced discernment.

The art of dance combines exacting realism and unbridled imagination. As a dancer you will be asked to engage in the skillful development of your body, thoughtful development of your mind, and soulful cultivation of your intuition. Encountering dance at LMU will awaken you to an ever-expanding sense of the possible – within yourself and your peers, the surrounding community and culture, as well as within the art form itself.

Dancing educates and enlivens the body. Movement experience, which is designed to purposefully integrate the physical act of dancing with the working of the mind and the flow of life energy and spirit, has potential to educate the whole person. Through studying dance as art and dance as cultural and personal experience, the life of a human being can be lived with integrity and vitality. Students come to know themselves so that they may better communicate with and understand people who not only travel similar paths but also those who come from widely diverse backgrounds.