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Studio Arts

Studio Arts

The Studio Arts (STAR) program of study provides a broad foundation in the techniques, concepts, and professional orientation related to an area of emphasis chosen by the student in either Art Education (ARTE), Fine Arts (FNAR), Graphic Design (GRPH), and Multimedia Arts (MTMD).

Students are required to declare their chosen emphasis during the first semester Sophomore year. Entering transfer students are required to declare their chosen emphasis at the time of registration for classes. The goal of all areas is to encourage individual creative exploration and to develop student understanding of artistic and cultural expression.

Through the program of studio arts courses, the students will know the basic definitions, concepts and techniques in the visual arts; they will be able to represent a distinct sensibility and prepare a professional portfolio; and they will be encouraged to value art history within the larger human context and value service to others and promotion of justice.

Through creative and scholarly study, the Studio Arts program prepares students for careers in the arts on both technical and conceptual levels. The faculty seek to develop unique capabilities for individual artistic expression and to provide students with the intellectual and aesthetic means to make informed choices in a rapidly changing world.

To implement these goals, the Studio Arts faculty at LMU are committed to excellence in teaching, vitalized by creative activity and scholarly research. They provide a solid pedagogy in the visual arts while expanding humanitarian and social consciousness in their students. The Studio Arts program is deeply committed to a curricular flexibility which reflect the technological, intellectual, professional, and aesthetic needs of our students.

Studio Arts (STAR) and Art History (ARHS) are the two majors offered within the Department of Art & Art History. The Department of Art & Art History is a member of NASAD (National Association of Schools of Art and Design), and provides an undergraduate program which is recognized nationally.


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