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A.J. Knox received his B.A. in Theatre Arts from LMU in 2005. Since then, he has earned his M.A. in Theatre Education from Emerson College and his Ph.D. in Drama from Tufts University. A.J.’s research explores the role of dark humor in addressing taboo subjects, particularly in relation to race, sexuality, and gender. He is also one of the few theatre scholars in America to be actively researching and working within the aesthetics of ’Pataphysics. As an undergraduate and graduate student, A.J. was awarded a number of honors and recognitions for his contributions as a scholar and artist, and also received several teaching awards for comedy courses he developed at Tufts.  


After completing his Ph.D., A.J. moved back to his hometown of San Diego to escape the frigid New England winters. Since moving back, he has kept busy with a wide variety of projects: in addition to teaching film and theatre courses throughout San Diego, A.J. keeps busy serving as the Artistic Director for the Ocean Beach Ensemble Experiment (a small experimental theatre company), and also serves as the Director of Connectivity for New Village Arts Theatre, an award-winning nonprofit theatre. In his spare time, he also performs stand-up comedy.


Throughout his academic and artistic careers, A.J. has performed, designed, directed, and written for a variety of theatres throughout the U.S. and abroad. Directing credits include Mr. Marmalade, Psycho Beach Party, Endgame, and The Laramie Project. His work has also been featured at a number of conferences and festivals, including the Irish Theatre Seminar in Dublin, and the Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Alaska. 





Rena Heinrich - December 2015

Brian Poth - October/November 2015

LaRita "Jazzy Rita" Shelby - September 2014

Charlie Koontz - August 2014

Caitlin Bryson - May 2014

Marc Valera - April 2014

Nicole Rossi - March 2014

Elena Muslar - January 2014

Katie Betian - November/December 2013

Desean Terry - October 2013

Devin Kasper - September 2013

Amber White - March 2013

Jennifer Sorenson - Feb 2013

Karen Anzoategui - Jan 2013

Chris Sullivan - Nov & Dec 2012

Amanda Lund - Oct 2012

Gloria Calderon Kellet - Sep 2012

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