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Theatre Arts

Every Spring, Loyola Marymount University produces an industry Showcase for the graduating seniors who have successfully completed the Career Development class.  The showcase is held at the Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles for an invited audience of industry professionals, such as theatrical and commercial agents, casting directors, studio casting executives, and personal managers.  Over the past several years, the showcase has helped the graduates secure commercial and theatrical representation, and has launched the careers of many new actors.  We are proud to say that the showcase has achieved a "must-see" status among industry professionals.


Diverse Talent Group (talent) 
Ellis Talent Group (talent)
A.K.A. (commercial)
A.P.A. (talent)
McCabe Group (talent)
Innovative Artists (talent)
Momentum (commercial & theatrical)
Stone-Manners (talent)
B.R.S. (talent)
Cirrincione Management
C.E.S.D. (commercial & theatrical)
Coley Casting
Burrows-Boland Casting
WB Casting
Studio Talent Group (talent)
R.P.A. Management
Anthem Entertainment (management)
Temptation Management
Abrams Artists (commercial & talent)
Tigertainment (management)
CBS Casting - Meg Lieberman
Maxine's Talent (commercial & theatrical)
Center Theatre Group Casting


  Venture IAB (commercial & theatrical)
D.D.O. (commercial)
Twinkybird Casting
Francine Meysler Casting
Q Models (commercial)
S.M.S. (talent)
Domain (talent)
Bohemia Entertainment (management)
Aqua Talent (commercial)
Flick Commercials
S.D.B. (talent)
Buchwald (commercial & theatrical)
Corsa Agency (commercial & theatrical)
G.V.A. (talent)
Imperium 7 (commercial & theatrical)
Daniel Hoff (commercial & theatrical)
Amsel, Eisenstadt & Frazier (commercial & talent)
Defining Artists (talent)
Gerrie Wormser Casting
Sanders & Armstrong Management
Cutler Management
Henderson & Romo (commercial & talent)
Marshak/Zachary Management
Alignment Entertainment (management)