The Advising Team in the Associate Dean's Office assists CFA students in developing a successful course of study that reflects their interests, goals and career aspirations.

  • C: Clarifies and interprets for you the academic policies, major/ minor graduation requirements and expected standards of scholastic achievement.
  • F: Finds a solution to a problem, assists you in overcoming academic difficulties, and provides information on other university's support services available to you.
  • A: Answers your advising questions, connects you with a faculty advisor, informs you on additional learning opportunities and helps you develop a successful graduation plan.

Contact Your Advisor

Office of Faculty Affairs / Associate Dean
St. Roberts Hall, Suite 101
1 LMU Drive, CA 90045

Phone: 310.338.2992
Fax: 310.338.2992

Advising Team

Below is the Advising Team in the CFA Associate Dean's Office. The "A" Team will support faculty in providing academic advisement to students pursuing majors and minors in the College of Communication and Fine Arts degree programs. Do take full advantage of the additional advising opportunities to ensure your successful college career and beyond.

Judith Scalin, Associate Dean

Judith Scalin

Associate Dean

Serves as advisor to students and CFA faculty engaged in the advising process; interprets academic policies and requirements, and decides on general petitions and curriculum exceptions (CAPP adjustments); monitors students' academic progress and guides students who may be subject to academic disqualification; approves study abroad plans and transfer work; partners with other colleges and student support services across the university to enhance CFA students' educational experience; and supervises college and university initiatives and assists with professional development and faculty.

Phone: 310.338.5160

Dr. Elaine Walker, Assistant Dean

Dr. Elaine Walker

Assistant Dean

Assists students in developing graduation plans and helps clarify educational and life goals; advises students who wish to learn more about CFA majors or who are considering a change of major; guides students who are struggling academically or on academic probation; facilitates senior graduation checks; provides information on additional learning opportunities (undergraduate research, study abroad, and internships).

Phone: 310.338.2992


Rachel Van Houten, Senior Coordinator of Academic Services

Rachel Van Houten

Senior Coordinator of Academic Services

Answers questions and provides assistance for students in completing petitions and other forms (declaring and changing a major or minor, adding/dropping or withdrawing from classes, petitioning for unit overload/time conflict/CR grading/CAPP adjustment exceptions, obtaining transfer course approval, enrolling in independent studies or tutorial courses); helps students use PROWL and generate CAPP reports; arranges advising appointments in the Associate Dean's Office.

Phone: 310.338.5272