Career Pathways for IDAP

Interdisciplinary Applied Programs Career Pathways

IDAP specializes in developing students' ethics and skills in public relations, social media, events management, and video production. IDAP is not a major, nor department. Students are drawn to courses in IDAP from a wide range of majors throughout the university and are most often majors in the Department of Communication Studies. In this document, our listing of a sample public relations job titles is anchored to the types of entry-level responsibilities a student graduating with typical IDAP courses would undertake. Preparation for these workplace responsibilities is linked to the activities and outcomes that students encounter in IDAP courses. In this way, we show the "pathway," going from your experiences as an LMU student taking IDAP courses to the early stages of professional work.

  • Examples of IDAP course benefits
    • Learn Associated Press style writing guidelines
    • Understand the intersection between Public Relations, the law, and ethics
    • Produce a Public Relations Plan for the student's personal portfolio
    • Craft communications based on a clear understanding of an organization's goals and objectives, target audiences and culture
    • Evaluate and provide analysis for current social media marketing campaigns
    • Develop thought-provoking and persuasive writing skills for blogs
  • PR Responsibilities

    0-2 years of experience.

    • Draft press materials including press releases and pitch letters using Associate Press style guidelines
    • Compile media lists of relevant reporters/media outlets
    • Reach out to reporters to secure media coverage
    • Coordinate and staff consumer and client events
    • Conduct internet research for new business presentations and client activities
    • Develop presentations materials including PowerPoint presentations
    • Manage weekly/monthly activity reports
    • Coordinate monthly media coverage reports
    • Coordinate tradeshow/event logistics
    • Manage company/client social media accounts including monthly posting calendars
    • Interface and maintain relationships with company/client online community members
  • PR-Related Job Titles

    0-2 years of experience.

    • Public Relations Intern
    • Account Coordinator
    • Assistant Account Executive
    • Account Executive
    • Marketing Coordinator
    • Public Relations Coordinator
    • Assistant Public Relations Manager
    • Social Media Coordinator
    • Online Community Manager
    • Community Outreach Coordinator
    • Public Affairs Coordinator

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