Studio Arts Career Pathways

The Studio Arts (STAR) program is within the Department of Art & Art History. A Studio Arts major provides a vital and culturally relevant art, design and media experience within a liberal arts education. Our students and faculty are visual catalysts who creatively engage the social, political and economic dynamics that shape our world.

The Studio Arts curriculum begins at the intersection of art, design and community through coursework that focuses on collaborations across academic disciplinary lines as well as interactions with artists, activists, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, cultural centers and the surrounding communities of Los Angeles.

Studio Arts offers immersive learning opportunities within the fields of art and design through class projects, student-driven exhibitions, professional internships and extensive networks within the industries and communities of Los Angeles.

Finding Your Career Path in Studio Arts

The Studio Arts Major encourages LMU students to proactively explore ‘Real World’ working experiences in the art and design fields. Each of the Studio Arts programs offers active resources for the ‘For Credit’ Internships appropriate to the major or minor.

The Art Education program requires participation in the ARTsmart community program as art teachers at local schools and community organizations in Los Angeles.

The Fine Arts program directs students towards internships in museums, artists’ studios and agencies.

The Graphic Design and Multimedia Arts programs encourage multiple internships (two at minimum are recommended prior to graduation) across a spectrum of cultural institutions and creative agencies in Los Angeles. These include: advertising, film production and visual effects studios, art galleries, graphic design and interactive studios, media and entertainment networks, and publishers. The Graphic Design program recommends both student affiliations and professional organizations highlighting “Best Practices’ within the design disciplines. These include:

    • Bright Design
    • Deutsch Advertising
    • Eames Studios
    • Fox TV
    • Girl Skateboards
    • Mirada
    • Motion Theory
    • Sapient
    • SONY
    • TRUE Agency
    • TWBA/Chiat Day
    • Watson DG
    • Getty Multicultural Internships
    • Center for the Study of Political Graphics
    • LACMA
    • ARTsmart – Dolores Mission
    • LMU Center for Service and Action
    • Heart of Los Angeles,
    • Homeboy and Homegirl Industries
    • Venice Arts
    • California Institute of the Arts
    • Carnegie Mellon University
    • Harvard University
    • London School of Economics
    • OTIS
    • Parsons School of Design
    • Boston School of the Museum of Fine Arts
    • USC
  • Studio Arts

    ART 367

    Online Computer Arts

    Emphasis on a working expertise in graphics and art design. Interface in the professional virtual arts community.

    ART 383

    Advanced Multimedia

    Multimedia production research and works, culminating in professional-grade exhibition.

    ART 395

    Design Entrepreneurship

    Students explore and analyze social problems and create innovative design solutions to address real-world issues. Includes 20 hours of field work, 20 hours of action research and application within selected communities and organizations.

    ART 396

    Design Praxis: Professional Practices in Design

    An examination of career possibilities within creative contemporary design. Emphasis on portfolio development and a design internship.

    ART 397

    Professional Practices in Fine Arts

    Examination of the current state of the studio arts and various career options through research, discussions, guest speakers and faculty experts. Includes development and presentation of a professional portfolio and resume.

    ART 447

    Art in L.A.

    Internationally-recognized practicing artists, designers, critics, curators and managers from Los Angeles discuss their work, ideas, and processes. Students learn to write a proposal and complete work for exhibition.

    ART 494

    Multimedia Internship

    Professional experience in multimedia, working with a practicing professional or company.

    ART 495

    Advanced Studio Studies

    Pre-professional directed study in studio art.

    Studio Arts / Art Education

    ART 255

    Field Experience in Art

    Training for future secondary art teachers that includes 20 hours in a public school art classroom.

    ART 450

    Arts Education Approaches for Social and Emotional Learning

    Designed for students pursuing careers in public service (including education, art therapy, social work). Students learn to connect theories relevant to multidisciplinary arts education, expressive arts therapy/psychology, and special education to create optimal learning environments for individuals with special needs and/or diverse abilities.

    ART 455

    Methods in Teaching Secondary Art

    This methodology seminar culminates in student projects that involve the development, implementation, and assessment of an art education curriculum. Students compile a professional teaching resource portfolio.