Resize Kelsey Feature
Kelsey Ang '19
“The LMU Dance program brings in incredible dance companies, choreographers and guest artists to work with students. As a student at LMU, I was able to learn from and connect with leading dance artists in the concert and commercial dance worlds.”
Picture of Sophie Bress.
Sophie Bress '19
“My time at LMU dance introduced me to new ways of thinking about the world and my place in it.”
Picture of Charissa Kroeger.
Charissa Kroeger '15
“I think about LMU’s motto — 'education of the whole person' — as a way of instilling a sense of balance in my work. In the LMU program I was exposed to and thoroughly educated in many styles of dance, and because of that my versatility has been an asset.”
Picture of Mathew James.
Mathew James '12
“LMU Dance produces bright, talented, and skillful dancers while offering life-changing opportunities to grow, learn, and connect to other artists, educators, and professionals.”
Picture of Alex Crow.
Alex Crow '10
“The gratitude that I have for my education at Loyola Marymount University is staggering. It is clear proof of the excellence that resides in both the part-time and full-time faculty, and their sincere dedication to each of their student's growth.”
Picture of Andrea Parson.
Andrea Parson '08
“Words cannot express everything. Dance allows us to express wild and inexpressible things.”
Picture of Marjani Forte.
Marjani Forte '04
“I continuously marvel at the blessing of having attended an institution with such amazing resources, accessible and dedicated professors, and an inspiring alumni network. It was this campus that ignited my activism, my leadership, and my quest for knowledge. Thanks LMU!”
Picture of Jess Harper.
Jess Harper '02
“LMU Dance is like the perfect deep tissue massage, a warm blanket, a hard-core ropes course, a roller coaster of emotions, and a yummy dessert that is good for you, preparing you to be a better you. You just can't get enough! At least I can't. I keep coming back for more."