Dance with virtuosity and versatility.

The Dance program aims to train versatile dancers. We offer dance technique from beginning to professional level of difficulty (depending on the dance form). We offer ballet, jazz-contemporary dance, modern dance, tap, hip-hop, world dance, yoga, martial arts and Pilates.


Rigorous fundamental technical practice underscores the study of cutting-edge modern dance (beginner - professional). Students develop body awareness, kinesthetic knowledge, and increased physical presence while engaging in intellectual, social, emotional, and personal exploration.

Faculty include Rosalynde LeBlanc Loo, Kate Hutter Mason and Jessica Harper.

Jazz & Other Contemporary Dance Forms

Contemporary-Lyrical-Jazz-Hip Hop dance courses (beginner - professional) train dancers in a wide range of styles and prepare them for professional work in media, concert, and commercial settings. World-famed teachers offer demanding technical and performance-based studio experiences leading to audition and public performance.

Faculty include Jason Myhre, Laura Smyth and Deborah Brockus.


Training in classical ballet (beginner - pre-professional and pointe) supports the overall development of the dancer as a performing artist. The student-centered approach toward ballet technique addresses alignment, core strength and stability, flexibility, musicality, and performance qualities.

Faculty include John Todd, Jill Nunes-Jensen and Lisa Gillespie.