Below is a list of courses currently available in IDAP. View a full list of course descriptions.

  • IDAP 300 - Principles of Public Relations

    An introductory course that overviews strategies, concepts, theories, practices, and history of public relations.

  • IDAP 310 - Writing for Public Relations

    This course provides an overview of how effective public relations writing can help organizations to communicate, influence opinion and create change. The course will emphasize the importance of understanding an organization, its goals and objectives, target audience and culture to strategically and effectively communicate through writing.

  • IDAP 340 - Video Production for Public Relations

    An introductory course that overviews the conceptual and technical skills of video production within a public relations context. Emphasis is placed on the planning, scripting, and production processes.

  • IDAP 370 - Public Relations Strategies

    Prerequisite: Grade of B (3.0) or higher in IDAP 300.

    This course explores the conceptual and strategic foundations of public relations and marketing. The course examines how to effectively communicate with consumers, create preference for products, and change consumer behavior.

  • IDAP 380 - Public Relations Internship

    This course is for students who have secured a public relations internship.

    Minimum of 80 hours.

  • IDAP 400 - Introduction to Social Media

    This course explores the origins of social media and how it shapes our interactions with brands, people, and governments. Students will create and maintain a student blog ("The Social Lion"), which showcases their personal analysis and observations on specific media topics occurring in real-time. Students will also create a social media campaign.

  • IDAP 420 - Events Management

    This course is designed to provide students with the organizational and leadership skills needed to plan and execute a special event. Through lecture, discussion, group projects, individual assignments, guest speakers, and a final event produced by the class, students will gain experience in managing events from concept to completion.