Art Therapy in Mexico

One of the biggest draws to the Marital and Family Therapy Graduate program is LMU's collaboration with the Instituto Allende in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. This summer program is designed to broaden the experiences of LMU students with art therapy training in the arts, language and culture of Mexico.

While obtaining a master's degree in Marital and Family Therapy at LMU, students are strongly encouraged to attend the summer program at which they are able to fulfill degree requirements and broaden their appreciation for Mexican culture.

The intercultural learning is enriched by the inclusion of Mexican students participating in an LMU-sponsored certificate program in art therapy at the Universidad Iberoamericana.

A limited number of students currently enrolled in AATA-approved art therapy programs and who have finished at least one year of study are welcome to attend. We are offering a one week course in Family Art Therapy, a one week course in Multiculturalism and Art Therapy and a one week fieldwork experience. Students may enroll in one, two or all three of the classes but must enroll in the Multiculturalism class (second week) if they intend to join the fieldwork (third week). All our classes are structured to include dialogue between American and Mexican psychotherapists.

Summer 2019 Offerings

June 24- June 28 (9 am-12 pm)
MFTH 629: Family Art Psychotherapy in Mexico
An integrated exploration of family art therapy within the context of family therapy theory. Experiential learning is facilitated through the art process.

June 24- June 28 (2 pm-5 pm)
MFTH 620: Multiculturalism and Art Therapy in Mexico, I
An exploration of cultural issues including art based processes in support of multicultural clinical competencies.

June 24 -June 28 (12 pm-1 pm)
Conversational Spanish Instituto Allende instructors run small group Spanish classes at different levels. Included in tuition package. No credit, no additional fee.

July 1- July 5  (Times: TBA)
MFTH 622 : Multiculturalism and Art Therapy in Mexico, II Field Work in San Miguel de Allende Field work exploring art therapy in the social services agencies of the community. Pre-requisite: MFTH 620

For more information on the summer program, please email Einat Metzl at


Einat Metzl, PhD, MFT, ATR-BC

Director, Art Therapy in Mexico Summer Program

Einat Metzl is committed to understanding art therapy services within the context of social action, intercultural dialogue, and research. Einat has worked with diverse clinical populations in psychiatric hospitals, residential facilities, special education schools, an early intervention center, and an elderly adult facility. Her published work focuses on resiliency and creativity, art therapy research methodology, perceptions of mental health services, narratives of second generation Holocaust survivors, and a photo book depicting life in South East Nepal through the eyes of the children.