The Marital and Family Therapy/Art Therapy program contains two separate internships which are contracted by the department to meet the educational, geographic, and specific interests of the student. The first internship, MFTH 617, consists of sixteen hours per week while the second internship, MFTH 618 and MFTH 619, involves twenty hours each week. Successful completion of each sequential course is a prerequisite for enrollment in the next course.  In both internships, clinical supervision and art therapy supervision are provided and the student is able to accumulate up to 840 hours with a minimum of 350 accumulated hours providing art therapy services to individuals, groups, and/or families. These internships are designed to foster student growth by allowing for the development and practice of clinical skills. Supervisors work under contract with our department to closely monitor and support the clinical training of our students while they are gaining their trainee hours in the practicum setting.

Loyola Marymount University and the Department of Marital and Family Therapy with Specialization in Clinical Art Therapy is dedicated to academic excellence in scholarship and professional practice. As such, advancing in practicum placement is restricted when there are serious concerns regarding a student’s ability to demonstrate basic competency in professional responsibilities and skills or in applying ethical or crisis skills, especially as related to client safety issues. Practicum courses MFTH 617, MFTH 618, & MFTH 619 must be taken sequentially when the courses are offered. Successful completion is a prerequisite for subsequent enrollment. Students must achieve a minimum grade of B in each course to advance and graduate. Students not achieving at least a minimum grade of B will be placed on academic probation with the requirement to re-enroll in the practicum course when next offered.

Supervisors are chosen from both our alumni and the staff of agencies where our students are placed for traineeships.

Selected list of agencies where past students have received their practicum training: