2015-2016 Stipend Recipients

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The State of California MFT Stipend Program and the LA County Department of Mental Health Stipend Program have both completed their award process for 2015-2016. LMU is very proud to announce that 14 students graduating in May 2016 have each been awarded an $18,500.00 stipend. These highly competitive stipends which are funded in part from the Mental Health Service Act (MHSA), are designed to recruit linguistically and culturally competent therapists who are committed to working with the diverse population served in public mental health. Proportionally LMU students were awarded more MFT stipends than from any other school in the LA region. The Department is very proud of our student's achievements and wish them much success in their post graduate internships.

Image: Alphabetic top to bottom, left to right:

  • Ceccily Bednash (County)
  • Jackie Carlson (County)
  • Kimie Cho (County)
  • Justine Collazo (County)
  • Martha Cowley (County and State)
  • Hilda Galan (County and State)
  • Julie Han (County)
  • Sarah Hickman (State)
  • Christine Kurata (County and State)
  • Sung Liskin (County and State)
  • Jessica Lo (County)
  • Jillian Luz (County)
  • Arazeli Melendez (County)
  • Cheryl Tarnofsky (County)