Debra Linesch Publishes Article on Interfaith Imagery

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Imagery in interfaith dialogue: Informed by the practices of art psychotherapy

Debra Linesch conducted an art-based project which engaged Christian, Jewish and Muslim women who met monthly over 7 months. The participants were chosen through an invitation sent to congregants of progressive synagogues, churches and mosques in the city of Los Angeles. Each month, collaboratively selected texts from the Jewish Torah, the Islamic Quran and the Christian Gospels that explored interconnected stories were printed and handed out for reading and study. After comparing and discussing the texts the participants were invited to incorporate the printouts of the biblical passages into simple collages, reflecting their responses. Colored, textured papers and glue were provided. The participants met in triads (Christian, Jewish and Muslim) to share their art, using their imagery to explore connections and disconnections between traditional understandings. The findings of the analysis indicate that members of the groups reported decreased defensiveness, the expansion of dialogue, and the discovery of new ways of knowing about their spirituality and faith.

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