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Faculty Publications Analyze Trends in Art Therapy and Reflect on Aging

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R. Carolan and A. Backos (2018). Emerging Perspectives in Art Therapy: Trends, Movements, and Developments. Routledge, New York, NY

Two MFT faculty members, both past and present, have new publications out this year.

Louvenia Jackson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Marital and Family Therapy contributed a chapter to the research book, “Emerging Perspectives in Art Therapy.” This book aims to document newly emerging trends in the field of art therapy and to offer a vision of the future practices.

“Emerging Perspectives” is described as an exciting new volume that contains a diverse selection of chapters written to examine the current transitional phase of the profession where new paradigms of thinking and research methods are emerging due to the continued examination of old assumptions and development of new knowledge. Jackson co-edited the chapter “Wisdom Through Diversity in Art Therapy,” which focuses on cultural humility, and competence in art therapy. Areas of the chapter look through the multicultural perspectives of cultures such as Latinas and the LGBT Community. 

Renowned professor emeritus of LMU’s Marital and Family Therapy Department, Maxine Borowsky Junge, has published a new book entitled, “Dear Myra, Dear Max: A Conversation About Aging,” a book about growing older. While Max is no longer at LMU, she is credited with constructing not only the foundations of LMU’s MFT Department, but did great work championing the work of art therapists throughout her impressive career.

“Dear Myra, Dear Max” is an epistolary book–an email conversation of close to four years in which two women of different generations and different living situations–Myra lives in an independent living community and Max lives alone with her dog Betsy–share their thoughts about their lives and ponder the big questions of meaning that plague everyone who is alive and thinks. Find it here.