The following programs were developed to support the Marital and Family Therapy program's unwavering commitment to its surrounding communities.

Summer Arts Workshop

The Marital and Family Therapy program's Summer Arts Workshop, which began as a student project in 2009, is an interdisciplinary week-long program that was designed to raise the Dolores Mission School students' self-esteem and broaden their awareness of visual arts, dance and poetry. By participating in the program, LMU's MFT students learn the process of administrating an art program from the beginning to end.

Juvenile Justice System

As part of the coursework for MFTH 606 Adolescent Psychotherapy: Theory and Practice students engage in field work with juveniles incarcerated in the juvenile justice system. This work emphasizes the department's commitment to exploring complicated social issues in our community.

Immigration and Acculturation

Research and service initiatives have been developed to explore and support the individual and familial experiences of immigration from Mexico and Central America to Southern California. Students, alumni and faculty have dedicated resources in Los Angeles County and in the Simi Valley to running groups with recent immigrants to assess, address and support the complications of their acculturation experiences. View the most current publication about this work.