Art Therapy Alumni Research Collaboration

The Art Therapy Alumni Research Collaborative (ATARC) provides resources and support to alumni of LMU's MFT/Art Therapy program interested in research. ATARC invites participation from all of our alumni to bring ideas and interests in research to a collaborative mentoring experience. The collaborative shares recent projects and interest, including dissertation work, developing research and passion projects. There are opportunities for assisting with research projects at different levels.

ATARC meets monthly and has an ongoing online group that facilitates discussion of current research projects and potential research interest. Alumni collaborate with each other, connect with faculty from the graduate program and utilize the resources of the art therapy department's Art Therapy Research Institute to design and execute projects.

ATARC members currently meet virtually as an online group, allowing alumni to access the space from around the globe. In addition to the exploration and examination of creative ideas, members have presented research at conferences, are currently preparing research, are involved in conducting research, and are writing up results from completed research as scholarly papers.

Get Involved

In an effort to support alumni research to further dialogue, share ideas, and developed opportunities, the Institute invites LMU MFTH alumni to become affiliate members, receiving library borrowing privileges as well as faculty mentoring. Please complete and return to our department the Art Therapy Research Institute- Proposal for Alumni Project Support.

For more information about the ATARC, contact Dr. Joyce Yip Green at