Visiting Scholars, Faculty and Student Accomplishments

Visiting Scholars

This project involves inviting luminaries in our (and adjacent) fields whose contributions enrich and embolden our inquiries. We imagine having year-long affiliate positions as well as one-time lectures/presentations by noted scholars.

 The visiting scholars we have had in the department were: 

  1. Ana Laura Trevino, from Insituto Mexicana de Psycoterapia de Arte, supporting our cross-border training collaboration.
  2. Angelica Ojeda, from Universidad Iberoamericana, supporting our research endeavors around Mexican nationals living in the USA.
  3. Suzanne Hudson, from USC, supporting our conversations about art therapy through the lens of an adjacent discipline, Art History.

Support to Our Students

This project involves continued support to our graduating student’s work by offering platforms for presenting and showcasing as well as funding research endeavors. 

The completion of an original research project is a graduation requirement of the program. To view examples of recent projects, visit LMU's Digital Commons Research Paper Titles. 

We are excited to feature our 2021 student research video poster presentations including:

Evaluating Standardized Assessments’ Ability to Capture Lived Experience of Cancer Patients and Survivors in Art Therapy Groups by Lara DeSanto, Sarah Han, and Cecilia Sánchez. To view presentation, click here. 

Art-making and Wellbeing with Professional Artists During a Pandemic by Ilyse Lindsey, Schelsey Mahammadie-Sabet, and Nicole Rademacher. To view presentation, click here.

Exploring the Efficacy of the Helen B. Landgarten Art Therapy Clinic's Transition to Telehealth During COVID-19 by Brittany R. Benjamin Amante, Alejandra Hernandez, Emily Lin, Amanda D. Martin, and Chao Zhao. To view presentation, click here

Art Making During a Global Pandemic: A Collaborative Autoethnography – Participant Researchers: Caitlin Carey, Parisa Frost, Jon Harguinguy, Sarah Heller, Susan Lee, Christina Smith, and Eva Wang. To view presentation, click here.

Past Faculty Talks and Upcoming Events

The Art Therapy Research Institute is exhilarated and inspired by the reception of our spring Faculty Talk virtual dissemination of our current faculty research projects. Our esteemed faculty Dr. Jessica Bianchi and Dr. Joyce Green offered dynamic presentations, with thoughtful, culturally relevant art therapy inquiry integrated with collaborative efforts. View recordings by clicking on the presentations.  

 The AT Research Institute hosted the Faculty Talks in hopes to inspire our community to engage in this year's 2021 Research Symposium* on May 16th, 2021. We excited by this year's theme: Silence, Solitude, Solidarity: Amplifying voices through culturally relevant research and ways of knowing during the era of COVID-19.  

(*We are recording the events - We will post the links on this page after the events)