Art Therapy with Pregnant & Parenting Teens

Thomas Riley High School Program for Pregnant & Parenting Teens

The clinic's initial endeavor has provided sustained clinical frontline support to groups of pregnant and parenting adolescents. The teens visit the clinic weekly to cope with stress, learn how to become better communicators, develop their identities, manage their anger and enhance their parenting skills. Every semester one third of the school's students come to LMU to benefit from the program, which includes transportation to and from an LAUSD high school in South Los Angeles.

All participants are at a great risk of dropping out of high school. Judy Flesh, volunteer therapist, says the girls are confronting an emotional and challenging growing process, and some give birth while in the program.

Art First: Trauma Training & Response Program

Art First Trauma Training & Response Program

The trauma training program is designed to provide students and alumni with training and information related to the trauma continuum from single episode/mass casualty disasters to long-term complex trauma issues in art therapy treatment. The modules listed below are offered to alumni at no cost and continuing education credits are provided.

The students and alumni who participate in the training are eligible to become responders with the American Red Cross and Save the Children. Please read the ART FIRST Trauma Response Program Fact Sheet on this program.

American Red Cross Disaster Mental Health Training

This training supports participants' learning of the key concepts required of anyone volunteering to respond in Disaster Mental Health (DMH). Prepares licensed mental health professionals to respond across the continuum of disaster preparedness, response and recovery. Unlicensed alumni are welcome; however, only licensed alumni can become certified DMH with the American Red Cross.

American Red Cross Psychological First Aid

This training provides a framework for understanding the factors that affect stress responses in disaster relief workers and the clients they serve. In addition, it provides practical suggestions about what you can say and do as you practice the principles of Psychological First Aid in five separate segments.

Trauma Art Therapy

This training provides participants with an understanding of the use of art in trauma treatment on the continuum of traumatic events. Topics include utilizing art therapy in disaster settings in the field, art therapy assessments for trauma, neuro-biological aspects of trauma and best-practice models for art therapy treatment.

Save the Children: Child-Friendly Spaces

Save the children is the leading independent organization creating lasting change for children in need in the United States and around the world. The training will cover the following information: Children in Disasters, Introduction of Child-Friendly Spaces, Setting up, Staffing Roles, Working with the American Red Cross, and additional information on children in disasters.


Resilient & Ready Art Therapy Program

The Resilient & Ready Program is a semi-structured 10-12 week group art therapy experience designed to increase both the awareness of resilient traits and utilization of these traits in applied skill development. The program works within the academic calendar supporting a fall group and a spring group. This program is being facilitated in collaboration with the LMU Family of Schools. Please read the Resilient and Ready Fact Sheet.

Family Art Assessment Program

The Family Art Assessment Program is in collaboration with community mental health agencies that provide family therapy. The consultation services provide agencies with a trained art therapist who provides family art assessments to assist clinicians at the agency with treatment planning, difficult case situations and understanding family dynamics. Please read the Family Art Assessment Fact Sheet.