Choral Ensembles

LMU Concert Choir

Choral performance in a church
Concert Choir

Members of the Concert Choir are a mix of LMU students, chorus alumni, university staff members and members of the community. The Concert Choir sings a range of repertoire from Renaissance music to music of living composers, and performs both in the Gala Christmas Concert and the Annual Spring Chorale, in addition to domestic and international tour opportunities. With no required prior choral experience, joining the Concert Choir is a wonderful way to continue a passion for singing and music, whether or not you are a Music major, and even whether or not you are part of the immediate LMU community!

LMU Consort Singers

Singers in performance
LMU Consort Singers

The Consort Singers, the select group of both male and female singers, perform a variety of choral repertoire in formal concerts as well as campus and community events, including the Gala Christmas Concert and the Annual Spring Chorale. Known for their musicality, the Consorts are equally at home with Victoria, Mozart, Whitacre, or Lerner & Loewe. Their sound has been described as "rich, mature, expressive" and "opulent when needed.” Being selected for the Consort Singers is one of the best ways for our most talented singers to showcase their skill. Auditions are required, as is prior choral experience.

How to Join

In person auditions for 2019-2020 will take place on August 23-20. 2019. No prior choral experience is required! To join a choir, please click here to sign up for Voice Placements! Contact Dr. T. J. Harper, Director of Choral Activities, for more information on this process.