May 2023: Costa Rica

LMU choir students pose for a picture

LMU Choirs Travel to Costa Rica

The LMU Choral Music Program will embark upon its next choral adventure in spring 2023, traveling to Costa Rica from May 8 through 17. LMU Choir members, families, friends, and all LMU alumni (not just singers) are welcome to join for this once-in-a-lifetime performance tour to one of the most beautiful countries and cultures of the world. Costa Rica Sample Itinerary

The invitation to bring the LMU Choirs to Costa Rica comes directly from the National University of Costa Rica and the National Theater in San Jose. This artistic journey represents a long-standing friendship between the LMU Choirs and our Costa Rican colleagues, which began at the height of the worldwide pandemic in 2020. During this time of collective uncertainty, our respective choral music programs embarked upon an innovative and experimental artistic collaboration which culminated in two international Virtual Choir Performances (at 4:38 & 10:28) which highlighted our shared hope and faith in humanity. The bonds of artistic camaraderie and friendship that were established then, continue to this day. 

The hope is for every member of the LMU Choral Music Community, both past and present, to join us as singers or supporters. This invitation goes out to all current LMU students, faculty, staff, and community members as well. The invitation also extends to all family and friends who wish to be a part of this special performance celebration. 

Support the Tour

It is our belief that all current LMU students should be able to enjoy this experience and receive support for this tour. In addition to supporting the LMU Choirs by purchasing tickets to one of our upcoming performances (a portion of proceeds will go toward off-setting tour costs for students), we also welcome direct donations of any size! Give Now


For any questions about the tour or for more information, please contact TJ Harper at