World Music Ensemble

Group photo of gamelan performers in front of Laband.


Learn about diverse musical cultures and traditions as part of the World Music Ensemble, which is open to all LMU students and community members, not just music majors! All levels of experience and abilities are welcome. NO prior experience in gamelan or Western music is required.

As part of this ensemble, you will learn to play the actual instruments of Gamelan Angklung and appreciate the rich tradition of Balinese gamelan. The exquisite sounds of the instruments and dynamic ensemble performance have captivated people all over the world for the past centuries. Our repertoire is taught aurally encouraging students to communicate using sounds.

Much of the work happens in the classroom, and rehearsals work towards an end of semester performance often featuring guest dancers. Students must work and play together in order to succeed at the music, this builds a sense of community. In this class, we develop basic music techniques such as rhythm, melody, dynamics, tempo, and memorization.

Balinese Gamelan Angklung

Consisting primarily of keyed and gong-like instruments, gamelan angklung is one of several distinct types of metallophone orchestras in Bali. Intricate textures and sharp contrasts of expression contribute to a dynamic music result. Gamelan performance can be appreciated both as concert music and as an equal partner with dance.

West African Music & Dance

This ensemble offers opportunities for the study and performance of traditions that continue to carry a vital influence on music around the world. Principal emphasis falls upon the music of Ghana, including drumming and dance genres from north, east, and central regions of the country, in addition to music for atenteben (traditional flute) and gyil (gourd-resonated xylophone).

Course Info

World Music Ensembles I - MUSC 454 01
CRN: 46921
Class meets M/W 2:00pm-3:15pm
Aug 30, 2021 - Dec 17, 2021


Hirotaka Inuzuka, Director

LMU Gamelan Recital