World Music Ensemble

World Music Ensembles

Balinese Gamelan Angklung

Consisting primarily of keyed and gong-like instruments, gamelan angklung is one of several distinct types of metalophone orchestras in Bali. Intricate textures and sharp contrasts of expression contribute to a dynamic music result. Gamelan performance can be appreciated both as concert music and as an equal partner with dance. The instruction combines traditional ending (numbers and syllables notating core musical ideas) with subsequent emphasis on aural learning. 

West African Music & Dance

This ensemble offers opportunities for the study and performance of traditions that continue to carry a vital influence on music around the world. Principal emphasis falls upon the music of Ghana, including drumming and dance genres from north, east, and central regions of the country, in addition to music for atenteben (traditional flute) and gyil (gourd-resonated xylophone). The instruction is geared to a traditional aural approach. 


Paul Humphreys, Director of World Music
(310) 338-7432