Daniel Dangca

Daniel Dangca

Daniel Dangca (Senior, Vocal Studies and Choral Conducting) is currently preparing for his Senior voice recital, which is scheduled for spring 2011. He studies voice with Dr. Karl Snider and Choral Conducting with Dr. Mary Breden.

Dan writes of his LMU experiences:

"I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to study at Loyola Marymount University. The Jesuit/Marymount traditions exist in everything I do, including my music making. At LMU, it is stressed that the whole person should be educated. In terms of the Department of Music, this rings very true. What you are taught in the department goes beyond secondary-dominant chords and Robert Schumann's year of song. You learn not only to embrace everything that you already know and love but to strive for an understanding and appreciation of what you don't yet know, helping you to become a much more well-rounded person.

With the assistance of the department's endowment from the Sinatra family, I was able to travel to Rome, Italy this past summer to experience being a member of a true opera company at Opera Festival di Roma. Being on stage with a professional tech crew, cast, and orchestra was one of the most thrilling moments of my life. To be able to please an Italian audience with good, hard working American artistry was well worth the 7,000 mile journey.

And because the LMU Choruses also went abroad for a concert tour of Italian cities, I actually had the opportunity to travel to Italy twice in one summer, an experience I will always cherish. Thanks to the LMU Choruses and the Sinatra Family, a simple liturgical musician from the Bay Area was enabled to sing in one of the most musically historical places in the world. The diploma I hope to receive on May, 7 2011 will come along with memories and hard work that the Department of Music has ingrained with me. For this, I am and will be forever grateful."


Image credit: Sheren Dangca