Frequently Asked Questions

  • CMST offers several courses that are not restricted to minors. These courses make excellent electives. We also suggest that you consider extension/certificate programs at other Universities.

  • You can take it again the next semester, but not in the same semester.

  • Yes. However, keep in mind that you need 4 to 5 semesters at LMU in order to complete the minor.

  • This depends on your overall graduation plan and what other courses you need to take in order to graduate on time. You should consult your advisor immediately upon arriving at LMU and prepare a comprehensive graduation plan.

  • You might consider reviewing the Associated Press’s style guide in order to best prepare for the written examination.

  • No. You still have to apply for admission and meet all of the expectations for the minor.

  • Possibly. Keep in mind that repeating classes has implications for your graduation plan/time to degree. You should consult your advisor before repeating any classes.

  • Please contact the Director of the PR Minor for information.

  • No. You must take separate (additional) courses for the minor.