The department is proud of its alumni who have gone off to esteemed graduate art programs and have reached success as commercial and independent artists, graphic designers, art directors, performers, entrepreneurs and educators within the greater art market, entertainment industry and academia.

The following is a simplified list of some alumni involved in various artistic and creative endeavors.

Alex Poli

World recognized graffiti artist and director of Crewest Gallery

Alexandra Pelosi

Documentary film maker for Travels with George, Friends of God, Right America Feeling Wronged, and more
IMDb profile

Robert Shaw


Patrick Scruggs

Motion graphics

Creative director and owner, Vogner Creative Design Studio

Kate Micucci

Actor, performance artist and musician

Broen Hollins Westberg

Web designer

Merry Scully

Curator of the Governor's Gallery, New Mexico Art Museum

Audria Brumberg


Dustin Badarama

Interactive designer

Andy Bialk

Emmy Award recipient for character design