2022 Graphic Design Senior Exhibition: Open Your Eyes

A row of candles on display at the 2022 Graphic Design Thesis Exhibition.

March 18-26, Thomas P. Kelly, Jr. Student Art Gallery

Artists' Statement

People choose to ignore many issues within our society.  These flaws can be uncomfortable or painful to talk about, but facing them is essential to work towards solutions.

"Open Your Eyes" is an exhibition that demands we confront these issues face-to-face and encourages us to examine the steps that will lead us towards a better future. It is a space to educate visitors and share experiences through visual mediums. Explore the Exhibitions

Featured Artists

Talya Bandary, Becca Briones, José Miguel Camacho, Lailani Davis, Abi Gill, Susan Huang, Kaila Kim, Lorenzo Lizardi, Jack Madden, Sydnei Pitts, Gavin Ramseth, Kristin Shields, Maeve Sullivan, Kieren Thigpen, Sydney Toth, Emma Van De Wyngaerde, Anne Van Wijngaarden, Mei Villanova, Vela Wang