Course Projects and Presentations

Students performing in a staged reading of Detained.

The White Rose

April 9-10, 8pm
by Lilian Garrett Groag
Directed by Marc Valera

Performing online April 9 and 10 - 8pm

The White Rose is based on the true story about a group of Munich university students who had the audacity to resist Adolf Hitler at the height of World War. In 1943 students secretly perpetrated various acts of dissent, including the printing and dissemination of anti-Nazi pamphlets called The White Rose. This play is about the brave students.

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Good Kids

By award-winning playwright Naomi Iizuka

April 16 and 17 - 8pm via Zoom
A Virtual Staged Reading
Directed by Nenad Pervan

This striking play takes place in a very recent past in a Mid-western high school and it is loosely based on true events. It  is also taking place in the cyber-world of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social networks and platforms. It is about casual sexual encounter going terribly wrong and the very public aftermath that blames and shames the victim. This is a harsh play about the topic that should not and can-not be ignored.

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