Faculty & Staff

Faculty Spotlight: Laband Art Gallery

Every year, faculty and students from across the University and beyond use the diverse resources of the Laband to enrich their courses and learning experiences. We invite faculty and staff to envision multiple ways in which the Laband's exhibitions and programs can be integrated into your curricular activities. Below are just a few suggestions of how you might do so.

Engage in the Possibilities at the Laband

  • Bring your class to exhibitions for class sessions led by you, the professor or by a Laband staff member.
  • Create assignments that use the themes and works in the exhibitions.
  • Send your students to the gallery (credited notes for visitations are possible).
  • Come to related programs (lectures, performances, panel discussions, artists' residencies and workshops) and bring your students (and bring your family)
  • Create other activities that integrate the themes and works in the exhibitions.
Motoi Yamamato Students in Gallery
Installation by Motoi Yamamato.


  • Propose an exhibition or program.
  • Co-curate an exhibition.
  • Invite a speaker or an artist to campus.
  • Be a speaker or performer in one of our programs.
  • Have your department co-sponsor a program.
  • Spread the word to students and colleagues about the activities at the gallery.

Where to Get More Information

  • Explore our website further to learn more about our exhibitions and programs.
  • Sign up for our e-newsletters to stay up to date on all the gallery's activities.
  • Contact us.