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‌Loyola Marymount University's Marital and Family Therapy Department offers students an innovative program that leads to a Master of Arts in Marital and Family Therapy with specialized training in Clinical Art Therapy. Click here to read more.

The Department has expanded the program's commitment to service with the creation of the The Helen B. Landgarten Art Therapy Clinic, while our Art Therapy in Mexico summer program has expanded the department's commitment to interculturalism. Please follow these links to learn more about both these endeavors.


‌Alumna Wins National Association of Women Artists Award

Program graduate Karla Leopold ('90) has been awarded the Margo Harris Hammerschlag Biennial Award/National Competition of Direct Carving by the National Association of Woman Artists.  Karla has continued her commitment to her art practice in conjunction with her career as a clinical art therapist and has exhibited nationally and internationally. The two works chosen by jurors are Womanly Splendor (top) and Small Twist (bottom), both direct-carved stone, the first in marble and the second limestone.

‌Introduction to Graphic Facilitation

On February 28, Michelle Winkel, LMU MFT graduate and Director of CIIAT, The Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy,  conducted a 4 hour introduction to Graphic Facilitation course for program alumni on the LMU campus.  Through this course, Michelle’s experience as a graphic facilitator augmented the participants' skill set in intentional listening, metaphor-making and meaning-discovery.  The department will be looking into further opportunities to support our alumni's training in Graphic Facilitation.


Stipend Recipients

The State of California MFT Stipend Program and the LA County Department of Mental Health Stipend Program have both completed their award process for 2014-2015.   LMU is very proud to announce that 16 students graduating in May 2015 have each been awarded an $18,500.00 stipend.  These highly competitive stipends which are funded in part from the Mental Health Service Act (MHSA), are designed to recruit linguistically and culturally competent therapists who are committed to working with the diverse population served in public mental health.    Proportionally LMU students were awarded more MFT stipends than from any other school in the LA region.   The Department is very proud of our student's achievements and wish them much success in their post graduate internships!

Elizabeth Barraza  (S)
Lily Braverman  (S & LA)
Lizvet Corral  (S)
Helena Ma   (S & LA)
Samantha McMullen (LA)
Daniela Montanez    (S & LA)
Christine Park (LA)
Chauney Peck   (LA)
Mayra Ramos del Beltran   (S)
Kelly Rau  (LA)
Christina Sanchez   (S & LA)
Bryan Schnebelt  (LA)
Susan Lorena Snodgrass  (S)
Carmen Solis  (LA)
Sharon Uy  (LA)
Naomi Yu   (S)

Pictured from Top left to right


Nurturing and Maintaining a Strong Art Therapy Identity in Clinical Practice and Supervision

On November 8, alumni and faculty gathered in the department for a day-long exploration of art therapy identity and supervision. Thank you to graduate Margaret Creek for leading the participants in a "no-sew pillow" workshop and all who attended.


 Art as Yoga

Contemplative art therapy professor Dr. Michael Franklin, PhD, ATR-BC, coordinator of the Art Therapy program at Naropa University, recently visited our department at LMU.  Continue here to read more about Michael Franklin at LMU.


 Graduates in the News

Program graduates Emily Brozyna and Madoka Urhausen (also a part-time LMU instructor) were featured in an article in the Long Beach Post.

Michelle Winkel at LMU

Michelle Winkel, LMU MFT graduate and Executive Director of the British Columbia School of Art Therapy, addressed a group of students, faculty, and alumni on October 22 on her work as an art therapist and graphic facilitator.  Ms. Winkel is also a co-author (with former chairperson Maxine Borowsky Junge) of Graphic Facilitation and Art Therapy: Imagery and Metaphor in Organizational Development, published by Charles C. Thomas .

Healing Power of Art Guides MFT Grad

Program graduate Melly Trochez is featured on the main LMU website for her work in New Zealand. 

Creative Interventions with Traumatized Children

Program graduate and part-time instructor Madoka Urhausen contributed a chapter on EMDR and Art Therapy in the book Creative Interventions for Traumatized Children, 2nd edition edited by Cathy Malchiodi.  Visit the Guildford Press website to learn more about this book. 

 ‌God Will Not Have His Work Made Manifest by Cowards

Faculty member Anthony Bodlovic is participating in a group show on October 12, 2014 entitled God Will Not Have His Work Made Manifest by Cowards at The Hatchery in Badger, California.


 ‌Art Therapy and Experiences of Acculturation and Immigration


Department Chairperson, Debra Linesch, along with visiting scholar Angelica Ojeda from the Universidad Iberoamericana and program graduates Maria Elena Fuster, Stephanie Moreno and Guadalupe Solis, collaborated on a recently published article on immigration for the Journal of the American Art Therapy Association.  Read the full text of  Art Therapy and Experiences of Acculturation and Immigration.

Visual Mixtape New Photography

Program graduate Jane Schulman has a number of photographs, selected from her series Family Inheritances II, in an exhibition that opened Friday, September 26, 2014, at the Los Angeles Center of Photography.  Visual Mixtape/New Photography presents Jane's work, along with thirteen other photographers, through October 24.


Program Graduate in New Zealand


Program graduate Melly Trochez ('2007) was featured in the article, "Healing Through Her Art", in New Zealand newspaper The Timaru Herald.









8th Annual Summer Arts Workshop 2014

Students from Dolores Mission School focused on exploring the various layers of self at this year's Summer Arts Workshop, held on the LMU campus August 4-9, 2014.  Questions explored were:  "who are we on the outside and what might be protected on the inside?"   Using the umbrella as a foundation and incorporating thoughtful symbols and metaphors, each participant took positive risks in exploring the multiple layers that make up their unique identity.   Participants were presented with a multitude of materials, such as plaster, paint, wire, and found objects and assisted by graduate and undergraduate art and art therapy students to problem solve to create a desired outcome. The result is a visual expression that emphasizes process and represents each individuals thoughts and discoveries about who they are and who they may want to become.

 Identity and Art Therapy: Personal and Professional Perspectives

Former department chairperson and professor, Maxine Borowsky Junge's most recent book, Identity and Art Therapy: Personal and Professional Perspectives, has recently been published.  This book includes a number of essays from other art therapist contributors including "Finding My Voice" by the department's current chairperson and professor, Debra Linesch.   Visit the Charles C. Thomas Publishers website to read an overview of this book.


Helen B. Landgarten Art Therapy Clinic

Visit the web pages of the Helen B. Landgarten Art Therapy Clinic to see newly-added content including a short documentary video on the Thomas Riley High School program.  Click HERE.




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