Our Program

Students sitting outside on a trip abroad.

What We Offer

LMU Art History is a truly unique program, exposing students to diverse artistic traditions, providing a full understanding of the historical, religious, theoretical, and cultural context of works of art and visual culture. Art history is a discipline that starts with the what, where, and when of visual culture and connects it to the why and how. The scholarly options within our program are truly endless.

Individualized Attention

Our small class sizes and commitment to individual attention help our students develop advanced research, writing, and critical thinking skills, in a program that can be tailor-made to their interests. This is an interdisciplinary field, allowing our students to explore passions in a variety of subjects – gender studies, fashion, politics, theology and so on – through the expressive lens of art and the study of its history.

Exciting Opportunities

Our program takes advantage of the vibrant arts community in Los Angeles by introducing its numerous cultural resources in coursework. We use the generous artistic resources of the city to their full potential, organizing site visits and field trips to some of the world’s finest museums, galleries, historical sites, and artistic gems – all of which we find right in our backyard. We also have an exciting study abroad program where students are able to travel to Italy to explore art and culture.

Endless Possibilities

The training that students receive in art history prepares them for both future study and a multitude of career options. Our graduates have gone onto graduate study at the top programs worldwide, have found employment at major museums and galleries, and have pursued careers in business, law, and entertainment.

Professors Damon Willick and Jane Brucker talk to students in the Drawing Studio.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Art history will allow you to explore a variety of personal interests and passions through the lens of art. With small classes, you can experience tailor-made scholarly opportunities.

Professor Kirstin Noreen showing art to students during a trip.

Distinguished Faculty

Our faculty consists of renowned artists, historians and scholars across a variety of exciting artistic and historical specialties, offering a broad and diverse educational experience.

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Immersive Experiences

Our program foregrounds immersive experiences that bring students to some of the major cultural and historical sites in the world thanks to our location in Los Angeles, as well as our popular study abroad programs.

A group of students sitting in front of a large artwork.

Myriad Career Options

Whether majoring or minoring in art history, our students gain invaluable writing and critical thinking skills so necessary for life beyond LMU. Our graduates go on to successful careers in a wide variety of fields.