Group of dancers performing at the Fall '19 Faculty Concert.

Dance with Us!

The LMU Dance Program is housed in the Department of Theatre Arts & Dance and offers coursework for the dance major, the dance minor, and for the student who wishes to pursue dance as an elective or general education. Dance majors earn a B.A. degree and are prepared for advanced study in graduate school as well as careers in performing, teaching, and related work in the fields of business and health care.

Our curriculum builds upon the foundation of dance as an art form and a humanistic experience. Studio and theory coursework are designed to integrate practical dance experience with more formal academic study so that the student is educated as a dancer who can perform, write, and speak about the art of dance and dancing.

The LMU Dance Program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Dance (NASD) and takes part in the American College Dance Association (ACDA). 

We recognize that recent changes in our world have asked us to examine how we relate to one another and where we carry conscious and unconscious hierarchies of value. The LMU Dance Curriculum is grounded in rigorous and critical dance pedagogy and we are committed to meeting our changing discipline and the cultural environment in which it both works and responds. 

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Students praticing ballet technique.


We offer dance technique from beginning to professional level of difficulty.

Two dancers perform at the Spring '19 Student Concert.


Classes are designed to introduce the student to a diversity of approaches relating to the choreographic process.

Two dancers performing at the Spring '18 Student Concert.


Each year, the Dance program presents several concerts, both formal and informal.

Group of students listening to a lecture at the Laband Gallery.


Dancers study dance history and cultures, the teaching of dance, music for dance, dance philosophy, and dance science.