• Log on to MyLmu, click on the Academics tab, then click Degree Works. Your advisor along with a link to thier email can be found at the top of the document.


  • Your faculty advisor is there to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. You must meet with your faculty advisor prior to each registration time.

    Make an appointment with your faculty advisor for:

    • Understand field of study in detail
    • Make a major course plan
    • Discuss interests with your major
    • Identify research opportunities
    • Discuss career goals and relevant internships
    • Discuss career pathways
    • Plan for graduate school
    • Review and revise your graduate plan

    Additionally, CFA has an Academic Advisement Center, located in St. Robert's Hall, Suite 102, that is available to the CFA undergraduate community. The Academic Advisement Center works in collaboration along with your faculty advisor as our students explore, navigate, and graduate.

    Note: The CFA Advisement Center does not replace your existing faculty advisor and is only to be used as an additional resource to help you stay on top of your academic progress.

    Make an appointment with the Academic Advisement Center for:

    • Sequence core/major/minor/electives
    • Choose core classes
    • Interpret your Degree Audit Report
    • Discuss options for Study Abroad
    • Analyze transfer coursework
    • Plan for summer classes
    • Semester registration troubleshooting
    • Complete and submit academic forms
    • Connect you with other campus resources


  • Log on to MyLMU Connect and locate the "Shortcuts" box on the left. Click on the link for "Schedule of Classes."

  • Please visit the website for the Office of the Registrar.

  • Please visit the Academic Resource Center for most questions.

  • Students can take courses via CFA Internship course (ICFA), CMST 3820, and IDAP 380.