Internship FAQs

  • What is an internship?

    An internship is a transformative educational experience where students take on meaningful responsibilities within an organization. Internships are temporary supervised, paid or unpaid, on-the-job learning experience related to a student's career interest.

  • How many hours per week does a typical intern work?

    Typically, interns work 8-12 hours per week during the semester. A minimum of 80 hours per semester is required of students registered in CMST 490.

  • How is an internship different from volunteer work or a job?

    An intern brings to the experience an intentional learning agenda and receives evaluation from the supervisor.

  • How do students benefit from the experience?

    Students can gain valuable knowledge and work experience in an area they may be interested in pursuing a career.

  • How do I get started?

    Think about your career interests and search for internships that include activities and responsibilities similar to those you would acquire as a new employee in the field.

    • Visit Career and Professional Development office (CPD) for career coaching with a Peer Advisor, or schedule an appointment via Handshake to meet with a professional Career Coach.
    • Explore Handshake for internship positions at companies hoping to host LMU interns and check out the resource list of other internship sites


  • How can I find an internship?

    Stop by the Career & Professional Development (CPD) Office to learn how to access Handshake and ICFA to post your resume and search for internships.

  • What are some examples of communication intern duties?

    Communication majors offer a wide range of skills to employers. Some examples of potential work assignments are: market research, conducting interviews and focus groups, developing and conducting training activities, event planning, website design and maintenance, public relations materials, marketing brochures and materials, sales, social media, and other corporate communication activities.

  • What do I wear to an interview?

    It is important to present yourself well during an interview. Remember to research the organization so that you know what their mission statement is, what they do, and what employees typically wear. Dress accordingly but err on the side of dressing more formally and conservatively to an interview.

  • What if my employer requires proof I'm receiving credit?

    There are several options available through CPD for 0-1 unit LIBA courses in order to earn credit for your internship. Junior and Senior Communication Studies majors may register for CMST 490. This course counts as an application course and can be taken once for 3 units. Students who have completed CMST 490 may register for CMST 491 and this will count as an upper division elective for 3 units. Over the summer students looking to earn credit for an internship may register for LIBA 300 through CDS.

  • What do I do if I accept a position and get a better offer from another employer

    Students often apply to a number of positions and accept a position only to be offered a more desirable internship position later. If you have already accepted a position it is important to communicate honestly and professionally with your employer. Explain your decision and apologize for the inconvenience that this will cause the employer.

  • Who is eligible to receive internship credit?

    All interested students may be eligible to receive academic credit if the internship is approved either through CPD (LIBA 251, 351, or 300) or by taking CMST 490 or CMST 491 (Communication Studies majors only).

  • What deadlines do I have to meet if I want to earn credit for my internship?

    In order to earn credit for your internship you must have your proposal approved and be registered in CMST 490, CMST 491, or one of the LIBA courses by the registration deadline. The LIBA course offerings through CPD may allow for late add process in special circumstances.

  • What do academic assignments look like?

    Students registered in CMST 490 and CMST 491 are required to attend class during the semester. A variety of assignments are required including but not limited to: learning profile, resume, cover letter, informational interview paper, mock interview, Interview Stream, internship assessment paper, and seminar training workshop facilitation. Discuss the LIBA courses with CPD to learn about the required assignments.

  • What if I still have questions?

    Contact CPD for questions regarding LionJobs and LIBA internship courses. Talk to your academic advisor or contact the CMST department regarding our communication practicum courses.