The CFA Senior Administrative Coordinators have compiled a list of campus resources available to students facing financial hardships such as home- lessness and hunger. Please share with students or use as a reference when you encounter a student facing these types of difficulties. Read as PDF.

CFA Resources

Judy Scalin, Associate Dean
Phone: 310-338-5160
Office: St. Robert's Hall 101

Elaine Walker, Assistant Dean
Phone: 310-338-2992
Office: St. Robert's Hall 101

CFA Department Chairs

Damon Willick, Chair & Professor of Art History
Phone: 310-258-8643
Office: Burns Faculty Center 203

Jane Brucker, Interim Chair & Professor of Studio Arts
Phone: 310-338-3099
Office: Burns Fine Arts Center 217/218

Michele Hammers, Chair & Professor of Communication Studies
Phone: 310-338-7781
Office: Foley 302

Patrick Damon Rago, Chair & Professor of Dance
Phone: 310-338-3740
Office: Burns Fine Arts Center 249

Debra Linesch, Chair & Professor of Marital & Family Therapy
Phone: 310-338-7674
Office: University Hall 2517

Mark Saya, Chair & Professor of Music
Phone: 310-338-3010
Office: Burns Fine Arts Center 101

Kevin Wetmore, Chair & Professor of Theatre Arts
Phone: 310-338-7831
Office: Foley 339

University Resources

Dean of Students' Office

Create a Care Report. The staff member can contact the student and assess the needs of the student and connect them with services each individual may need for them.

Center for Service & Action

LMU Food Pantry which opens for the first time on Monday March 13th. The pantry is for low-income students and students experiencing financial hardships. The pantry consists of non-perishables, which includes tuna, spam, oatmeal / cornflakes, mac & cheese, can goods (Chef Boyardee, fruits, vegetables), pop tarts, trail mix, peanut butter, popcorn, juice, water, sodas.

There is an honor system, so students can go in during opening hours and take what they need. The pantry provides bags so students can carry their items discreetly. We can donate food to CSA to be added to the pantry. CSA would prefer that donations come to them directly (not left in the pantry) so they can keep an inventory. Please contact CSA for further information.

Hours: Monday-Friday, 10:00am-5:00pm; Extended hours for Wednesday until 7pm
Location: St. Robert's Annex
Contact: Lorena Chavez,, 310-338-2959

LMU Cares & Campus Ministry

Student safety is our top priority and we have zero tolerance for sexual or interpersonal misconduct in our community.


Financial Aid Office

The Counseling staff can help students who are experiencing such hardships.

Location: Van der Ahe 270
Phone: 310-338-2711

Office of LGBT Student Services

Location: Malone Student Center 403
Phone: 310-258-5482

Office for International Students & Scholars

Location: Malone Student Center, Suite 201
Phone: 310-338-2937

Student Health Services

Location: Fritz Burns Recreation Center (North side of the building)
Phone: 310-338-2881
School Year Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm; Extended hours on Mondays and Wednesdays
Summer Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm

Student Psychological Services

Location: Fritz Burns Recreation Center (2nd floor, North side, above Student Health Center)
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm; Extended hours for Wednesday until 7pm
Schedule an appointment:

  • Call 310-338-2868 OR stop by their office.
  • For mental health emergencies, a therapist will see you without an appointment during regular business hours.
  • For life threatening emergencies: Call Public Safety at 222 (campus phones) or 310-338-2893.

Veteran Programs

Location: Malone Student Center, Suite 201
Phone: 424.LMU.VETS (424.568.8387)

Burns Recreation Center

Any undergraduate and graduate student can use the Burns Recreation Center showers. The cost to utilize the Recreation Center is included in tuition.


Note: LMU will not allow students to sleep in their cars on campus.