A group of MFAPP students listening to the professor.

Developing Skills

After completing the MFA in Performance Pedagogy students will be able to:

  • Interpret dramatic texts and critique theatrical performance using appropriate critical language and analytic frameworks
  • Effectively develop actor coaching skills and effectively communicate to performers
  • Educate actors by integrating theory and practice in the classroom
  • Effectively collaborate with other theatre artists on the development of a live stage performance, including an understanding of standard design and technical theatre procedures and practices.

Expanding Knowledge

Students will gain deep knowledge in:

  • Research methods and writing for the theatre
  • Current educational theatre theory and both traditional and new theatre pedagogies
  • Theatre as art, discipline, field of study and craft
  • The impact design and production have on the theatrical experience, and the relationships and contributions of all collaborators and theatrical personnel, and how they contribute to the creation of theatre production across a broad spectrum of styles, genres, and cultures.
  • Diversity, cultural awareness and social justice and the roles they play in theatre.
Picture of Thomas Chavira.
In Their Own Words
"The degree in Performance Pedagogy offers what I aim to achieve as an educator at the secondary level: critical thinking, applying my values to my pedagogy, and empowering students through our shared craft. Through one semester, I've become aware of the humanity that our pedagogy should emphasize."
-Thomas Chavira, MFAPP student