A picture of Ann James, MFAPP student.
Ann James⁠
Ann has an extensive career in theatre education, stage direction and conflict resolution in corporate and artistic environments. As an internationally certified educator, she has had the opportunity to teach theatre on four continents. Ann is devoted to making both stage and screen safer places for Black, Indigenous and People of Color to practice their craft.

"This journey at LMU is absolutely the right decision for my career. Thank you for embracing me as an individual."
A picture of Cole Cook, MFAPP student.
Cole Cook⁠
Cole has worked in professional theatre all throughout the Pacific Northwest, most notably performing in both the Portland and Seattle premieres of the Tony-winning The History Boys. He has also worked with theaters such as Artists Rep, Book-It Rep, and Idaho Rep. Cole continues his work in film, television, and theatre here in Los Angeles and is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA and Actors Equity Association.
Picture of Emily Stapleton.
Emily Stapleton
"My time at LMU has already been life-changing. The opportunity to learn from such highly skilled professors and study amongst other passionate educators has been invaluable in my development as a teacher. And I especially appreciate how the program provides me the space to tailor my course work to my unique interests as an artist, allowing me to work as a teaching assistant for script analysis and playwriting in addition to teaching my own section of acting for undergraduate students."
Picture of Garret Camilleri.
Garret Camilleri
"One of the reasons I decided to attend LMU is their mission statement. I believe in LMU's mission to teach to the mind, body, and soul while upholding an academic standard. Overall, it is a nice balance between academia, practical resources, and joyful experiences. I'd encourage anyone who is pursuing a terminal degree to check out the program - I am glad I did."
A picture of Jenn Robbins, MFAPP student.
Jenn Robbins⁠
Jenn is an actor (EQUITY, SAG/AFTRA), writer, producer, and teaching artist. As an MFA student, Jenn is interested in developing courses that teach the psycho-physical approach to acting, as it pertains to the actor’s own practice and in its capacity to uplift and empower communities with whom theater-makers engage in community-based and applied theater.⁠
Headshot of Josh Grisetti.
Josh Grisetti
“I would never have been ready to teach effectively in higher education without the support of the LMU performance pedagogy program. Full stop. And I say that as someone who has headlined Broadway shows and network television series. Teaching is a whole different game. I had no idea what the expectations were of full-time professors. There is a vernacular and a skillset and a culture ingrained in the academic world that you don’t need to be aware of as a student, but must be as a faculty member — LMU prepared me for all of that.“
Picture of Lauren Johansen Sheppard.
Lauren Johansen Sheppard
"I’ve already learned so much in a year! Aside from all the practical skills I’ve learned this year, I think the most important thing I’ve learned is to believe in myself. I’ve learned that having all the answers is not the point. By sharing my passion and love for theatre and students I can make a real impact. I am really looking forward to what’s to come."
Picture of Thomas Chavira.
Thomas Chavira
"The degree in Performance Pedagogy offers what I aim to achieve as an educator at the secondary level: critical thinking, applying my values to my pedagogy, and empowering students through our shared craft. Through one semester, I've become aware of the humanity that our pedagogy should emphasize. I'm also learning to approach my work with an open curiosity and with permission to question assumptions in the class at any given moment."