Teaching & Learning

Student interacts with artist ChiliPhilly (Phil Ferguson)'s Instagram during the 2018 New Threads exhibition
Student interacts with artist ChiliPhilly (Phil Ferguson)'s Instagram in the New Threads exhibition.

The Laband Art Gallery actively contributes to the intellectual life of Loyola Marymount University's campus and the community, serving as an important educational and cultural resource for LMU students and faculty as well as residents of Westchester and greater Los Angeles. The Laband is dedicated to presenting exhibitions and public programs that illustrate that the visual arts are a critical component of society. As a university art gallery, the Laband features exclusive exhibitions that may not be found in other civic or private museums. In doing so, the gallery showcases art that has relevance across multiple disciplines as well the broader community. The Laband's exhibitions and related programs promote inquiry, creativity, and critical reflection that further a growing awareness of ourselves and of the world around us.

We encourage students and faculty of LMU and beyond to consider the Laband an open classroom, a center for learning where art can be used as a take-off point for explorations in all disciplines.