Visit the Gallery

We encourage visitors from off campus to consider coming on Saturdays when there is no charge to park on the LMU campus. The visitor parking lot (Hannon Lot/A) is just a short walk away from the Burns Fine Arts Center. During the week, you can purchase a parking permit wherever visitor parking is allowed on campus.

Please contact us for more information.

Locating The Laband Art Gallery

Once on Campus

Directions from the main LMU entrance at Lincoln and LMU Drive:

Pull up to parking kiosk on the left-hand side and ask the attendant for a campus map and directions to park in Hannon Parking Lot A.

Follow LMU Drive. Take a right turn at Ignatian Circle (fourth stop sign). Take a right at the next stop sign, and then another right turn into Hannon Parking Lot A.

Walking directions from Hannon Parking Lot A:

The gallery entrance is located in the courtyard of the Burns Fine Arts Center which is the first complex on the left, along Alumni Mall, heading toward the Chapel. It's cater-cornered from Gerston Pavillion and the Burns Rec Center.