March 18 - May 12, 2019
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 23, 1:30 - 3:30PM

A textile art piece with the words
Yvette Mayorga An Immigrant Died Today, 2019, vinyl, textile, and silver chain, 24 x 46 1/2", courtesy of the artist

Dream Wavers is a site-specific outdoor art installation in the Dunning Courtyard at the entrance to the Laband Art Gallery. More than 30 artist-designed flags are united to celebrate diverse approaches to flag motifs and designs: an oversized hand; a pair of American flag trousers; and a flag of napkins challenge traditional notions and explore the edges of possibilities.

Dream Wavers includes two groups of artists. The first is comprised of 22 practicing artists living across the United States. Each artist was invited to contribute an original piece to this installation. Sage Dawson, a curator and artist residing in St. Louis, MO, and Katie Kirk, an artist based in Los Angeles (LMU '10) co-curated this portion of Dream Wavers. Dawson is the founder and director of the nonprofit arts space STNDRD, which partnered with the Laband in the development of Dream Wavers.

The 22 participating artists include Liv Anrud, Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, Virginia Broersma, Jamie Felton, Sarita Garcia, José Guadalupe Garza, Emily Blythe Jones, Marianne Laury, Alex Lukas, Aubrey Ingmar Manson,Yvette Mayorga, Ahmed Ozsever, Tim Portlock, Lindsay Preston, Edo Rosenblith, Miriam Ruiz, Julia Schwartz, Janie Stamm, RL Tillman, Cristina Victor, Tessie Salcido Whitmore, Work/Play, and Jon Young.

The second group of artists comprises 13 LMU students who completed the course Social Design ARHS 2510 in fall 2018, taught by Professor Garland Kirkpatrick. These students explored motifs that addressed their own personal notions of identity in the context of our contemporary moment. LMU artists include Daniel Akavi, Mariam Al Nahedh, Allison Crawford, Jane Estrada, Katherine Ford, Ana Laughrun, Anthony Lopez, Kelli Nagasawa, Brandon Nam, Aurora Occelli, Nicholas Tarricone, Yue Wang, and Emily Zech.

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