The Financial Aid Office at LMU provides graduate students access to financial resources to assist them in achieving their educational goals. Explore the Financial Aid website for more information on how the Financial Aid Office at LMU can help you succeed. 

Grants, Scholarships, & Graduate Assistantships

Students admitted to the Graduate Program in Marital and Family Therapy may apply for the following financial aid.

Loyola Marymount University

LMU Graduate Assistantships: Students may apply for a variety of on-campus positions. The MFT/AT Department will send incoming students information on open graduate assistantship positions.

College of Communication & Fine Arts

  • CFA Graduate Assistantships The MFT/AT Department will send incoming students information on these open positions.
  • CFA Council Scholarship: Based on academic merit and financial need, 3 students are recommended by MFTH faculty for consideration by the CFA Council, amount awarded varies by student.

There are several other CFA general scholarship opportunities that may benefit MFTH students –awarded by the Dean of CFA.

Department of Marital & Family Therapy

  • MFTH Graduate Assistantships  The MFT/AT Department will send incoming students information on these open positions.

  • MFTH Department Grant: This grant is allocated for students in the Marital and Family Therapy Program; based on financial need, it is distributed evenly to all eligible students.

  • Maxine Borowsky Junge Scholarship: For women in midlife who are entering the field of Art Therapy Studies; funds raised in acknowledgment of Junge's contributions.

  • *Elizabeth Taylor Endowed Scholarship: awarded to MFTH students with a graduate internship/practicum whose primary focus is work with the HIV/AIDS community; donated by the Elizabeth Taylor Foundation.

  • *Helen Landgarten Scholarship: A merit-based award in honor of Helen Landgarten's pioneering work in the field of art therapy and her dedication to LMU students.

  • *Helen B. Landgarten Art Therapy Clinic Scholarship: Honoring the legacy and memory of Helen B. Landgarten, the scholarship supports students enrolled in the Marital and Family Therapy Program who are receiving clinical training through the Helen B. Landgarten Art Therapy Clinic.

Awards indicated with an asterisk (*) do not have separate applications and are made after the student has completed the first semester.

Information on loans and other non-departmental financial aid opportunities may be obtained at the Graduate Financial Aid website.