The deadline for Fall 2022 admission is Monday, November 22, 2021.   .

Admissions Requirements for Fall 2022

Note: Complete applications are reviewed first. A complete application includes all art and psychology pre-requisites documented on transcripts, a Bachelor's degree and gpa documented on a transcript, prerequisite checklist form, test score, autobiography, portfolio and statement, letters of recommendation, and online video interview. (See below for details.)

Instructions on how to submit an application are at the end of this page.

Requirements at a Glance

For more information and detailed submission instructions, click each requirement.

Detailed Admissions Requirements and Instructions for Fall 2022

Prerequisites in Art

A minimum of eighteen (18) semester hour credits (or twenty-seven [27] quarter-hour credits) of study in studio art which demonstrates proficiency and disciplined commitment in art making. It is imperative that the applicant evidence a range of experience using a variety of art materials and processes. The art prerequisites are not named, but they must be studio art courses that involve art-making and have course prefixes that indicate they are art-making courses. Art history, art appreciation and any other non-art-making courses are not considered studio art and will not be counted as a prerequisite. Official sealed transcripts documenting this must be sent to Graduate Admissions. (Electronic transcript must be emailed to Graduate Admissions, not the department. The email address to use for electronic transcripts is They should not be sent the department.)

Prerequisites in Psychology

A minimum of twelve (12) semester hour credits (or eighteen [18] quarter-hour credits) of study in psychology, which must include developmental psychology (child, adolescent, or lifespan) and abnormal psychology. Please send a course description for review if the prefix of the psychology course does not start with PSYCH, PSYC, PSY. Official sealed transcripts documenting this must be sent to Graduate Admissions. (Electronic transcript must be emailed to Graduate Admissions, not the department. The email address to use for electronic transcripts is They should not be sent to the department)

Bachelor's Degree and Grade Point Average

A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university is required. Priority review is given to applications with complete a bachelor's degree posted prior to applying to the program. An official transcript documenting this must be sent to Graduate Admissions. (Electronic transcript must be emailed to Graduate Admissions, not the department. The email address to use for electronic transcripts is A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on an official transcript is required. The admissions committee will consider other criteria, such as work/volunteer experience, test scores, letters of recommendation, etc., to assess applicants.


(Fall 2022, Recommended but not Required)

We recommend a score of 158 on the verbal portion of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or a satisfactory score of 396 on the Miller Analogies Test. You do not need to submit both. Plan on taking the test early enough so you can input a self-reported score on the application and for the official score to reach Graduate Admissions before the deadline date. Official test scores must be sent to Graduate Admissions

Letters of Recommendation

Two (2) letters of recommendation are required. Letters should focus on relevant professional, volunteer and/or mental health experience. When filling out the online application, you will need to provide the names and email addresses of your recommenders. The recommenders will then receive an automated email prompting them with instructions on how to submit an electronic letter on your behalf. To ensure that your letters of recommendation are received by the deadline, please initiate this process early enough to allow your recommenders to submit the letters on time. We are not able to accept hard paper letters or letters emailed to the department. The recommenders must upload them to your application.


Ten to twelve page (double space, 10-12 font, 1 inch margin) autobiography with emphasis on personal life experiences, psycho-social content, and pivotal points that led you to apply to the program. Instructions for uploading your autobiography are on the application form. Do not email it to the department.

Portfolio and Statement

A portfolio of artwork is required which should include a variety of media in no more than 10 images. You will upload these images to your online application as instructed there. You must include the title, year, medium/materials, and dimensions for all images. Choose one of the art pieces you submitted and write a statement discussing the meaning and psychological content (approx. 300 words). Instructions for uploading the images and writing the statement are on the online application. Do not send it the department.

Prerequisite Checklist

You will be required to list all prerequisite courses as they appear on your transcripts on the Graduate Admissions application. So that you can quickly provide this information on the application, we suggest that you use this 2019 Prerequisite Checklist as a guide to prepare. Do not send it to the department. If you have not completed the prerequisites, you must indicate your plan to complete them on the application.

Online Interview

You will record your video directly to your application. You will be asked to answer four interview questions in 10 minutes. The questions will be provided before you start to record, but will not appear when you begin to record. Therefore, it is very important that you print or write out the questions before you reach the recording page and have them for reference as you record.

Campus Interview

Candidates who advance to an in-person interview are required to attend a group interview on February 5 or 6, 2022. The group interviews are on the LMU campus in Los Angeles. Please mark your calendars for this possibility.

For additional information, please read our page of Frequently Asked Questions.

Hard copy transcripts and test scores must be sent to Graduate Admissions:

Graduate Admissions
Loyola Marymount University
1 LMU Drive, Suite 235
Los Angeles, CA 90045-2659

Electronic Transcripts (preferred) and test scores must be emailed to

How to Submit the Application for Fall 2022

The application has many parts and will take some time to complete. Therefore we strongly urge you to give yourself several days before the deadline to begin and complete the application. If applications for Fall 2022 are not submitted by the end of the day on November 22, 2021, then it will be considered late.


This program is listed under “College of Communication and Fine Arts” so please make this selection.

Then select the degree “Master of Arts in Marital and Family Therapy with a specialization in Art Therapy.”

We suggest that you have your recommenders’ email addresses, your autobiography, your portfolio images and information, and prerequisite course information on hand when you start the application. You will need to input or upload these items.

You may leave and return to the application at any time before you submit.

Be sure you submit your complete application by or before November 22, 2021