Studio Arts

LMU Studio Arts offers our students a transformative educational experience with a broad conceptual and formal approach to the fundamentals of fine art and design. Our students achieve visual and cultural literacy through individual artistic, creative, and theoretical exploration, all within the context of a liberal arts education. Offering a specialized BFA degree with concentrations in 3D studies, art education, drawing, multimedia arts, painting, photography and visual communication design, as well as a general BA art degree and a popular minor.

Students looking at artwork at the 2022 Fine Arts and Multimedia Arts Senior Exhibition.
Ample exhibition opportunities exist for our students, in the student art gallery throughout the year and in final senior thesis and juried exhibitions at the end of each year.
Visitors at a gallery at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
Our students continually have opportunities to take advantage of the energy and vitality of the Los Angeles cultural environment.
Flags on display in the Burns Fine Arts courtyard.
LMU Studio Arts acknowledges and is committed to dismantling oppressive systems and inequities. We engage in the process of reimagining what and how we teach and create, by ensuring that diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism permeate the curriculum.

In the News

Photo of BLM protestors taken by Trevor Jackson.
“I started taking photos because I felt like I was in a place where my perspective didn’t matter. Through photos, I was allowed to highlight my perspective."
Student artwork on display in the President's office.
“We wanted to elevate the work of our talented students and create a more welcoming and inclusive visual experience for all our visitors."
Members of Curbside (Jacob Johanson, Jack Alving, Bobby Sutton) posing for a photo with Macha Suzuki in front of their artwork.
“Our belief is that we can do anything. Life can be a lot more fun when you make cool stuff with the people you want to make it with.”

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