Students drawing a still life setup in the Drawing Studio.

Our Curriculum

The first-year curriculum will be a commonly-shared, cohesive experience for all students entering as studio arts majors, and will precede the choice of degree and emphasis. In the first year, students will be required to take three 4-unit foundation courses, a 4-unit BFA exploration course, and a 2-unit community building course. Students will experience creative and critical thinking process through making-thinking-exploring-reflecting. Each foundation course will honor individuals to define their relationship to the world as visual artists. The three foundational courses will assist students providing a breadth of experiences while promoting in-depth thinking and skill development.

The BFA exploration course will be available to all students, guiding them to be prepared for a rigorous, integrated curriculum that reflects the diversity of the art and design community and our learning pathways. This course will allow students a deeper understanding of whether the BFA or BA program is right for them, as they prepare to make that choice by the end of their first year.

BA in Studio Arts

To earn the BA, students should complete a minimum of approximately 30–45 percent of their total work toward graduation from courses offered by the art and/or design unit, including a minimum of eight to twelve credit hours in art history. The studio curriculum should be designed to provide breadth rather than specialization, ensuring that students take courses in a variety of media. The maximum electives in studio art and art history should normally not exceed one half the total for graduation. The remainder (50–70 percent) should be in courses in the liberal arts offered by other departments in the institution.


  • The total required units for the Studio Arts BA program will be 124 credit hours.
  • The BA degree offers a broad arts education where students do not select a specific emphasis or track.
  • BA students will complete a minimum of 50 ART/ARHS credit hours (40%) of their total work toward graduation.
  • The remainder (60%) should be general cores and courses in the liberal arts offered by other university departments.
  • Students will have a cohesive first-year experience.
  • The BA program director will advise students.
  • The BA curriculum will appeal to more students who would like to add a second major and/or a minor.

Find our full listing of courses in the LMU Bulletin

BFA in Art and Design

The proposed BFA degree in Art and Design provides an in-depth conceptual and formal degree program for students who wish to become artists or designers. Students develop visual and cultural literacies through: Individual artistic, creative, and theoretical exploration; art-historical, exhibition-oriented, and curatorial endeavors; interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial engagements; and a social justice-oriented lens. Students enrolled in this degree program will choose from a studio arts emphasis.


The seven concentrations in BFA have a similar curriculum structure:

  • The required total number of units for the BFA program will be 124 credit hours.
  • The BFA program will offer seven specific concentrations.
  • The percentage of ART/ARHS portions should be at least 70 credit hours or 60% to keep the integrity of the degree (BFA). Among 70 credit hours, ARHS will be 12-16 credit hours. Each concentration has a list of the required ART/ARHS courses.
  • BFA students will be required to take three 4-unit studio arts foundational courses and BFA concentration exploration course as part of the cohesive first-year experience.
  • BFA students will enter the BFA program from the beginning or apply for BFA during their first spring semester.

Find our full listing of courses in the LMU Bulletin 

Studio Arts Minor

Our studio arts minor is open to all students on campus regardless of artistic experience.


To receive a minor in studio arts, students must complete 16 semester hours of Studio Arts (ART) with the minimum of 8 semester hours in upper division courses.

For Animation Majors

16 semester hours of Studio Arts (ART):

  • ART 1153 Drawing from Life 3 semester hours and
  • ART 2154 Drawing from the Human Figure 3 semester hours
  • 10 semester hours of Studio Arts electives with at least 8 semester hours in upper division courses and a minimum of 6 units in the minor that are not counting towards the Animation major